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The Curtains and Soft Furnishings Resource Library is here to help you find the education, resources and community you need to start or grow your Window Treatment and Soft Furnishings business.

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The original Drapery and Design Forum has been saved to searchable PDF’s and includes 17 years of content and over 500,000 posts. There are back issues of Sew What? Newsletter dating back to 1993 and back issues of Sew What? Magazine, The Custom Home Furnishings Academy Magazine, D&D Pro Magazine and the Drapery & Design Digital Digest from 2017 to the present

  • Est. 1998

Started as the Drapery & Design Forum by Margie Nance in 1998, the Forum was a connection for industry professionals. In 2016, Jeanelle Dech purchased and rebranded the Forum to The Curtains & Soft Furnishings Resource Library. In January of 2018, Ceil DiGuglielmo purchased the Library from Jeanelle.

  • Almost 1000 Members
  • Over 120 Webinars
Webinars on topics ranging from starting your business to workroom efficiency. There are instructional webinars on how to make drapery panels, cornices, slipcovers and more.

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