Recommended Videos

The Library has a wide range of educational video content that you can view whenever you want from wherever you want! No need to travel or give up work time to take advantage of excellent learning opportunities. The videos have been categorized so that you can focus on your favorite topics or, better yet, watch them all!

  • The popular and practical Method Share and Product Share series are available to Members of all levels. These videos are beneficial to those just starting out as well as our seasoned veterans since they often break the paradigms of accepted industry methods by providing demonstrations of new or improved products and creative applications for familiar products.
  • Visit your colleagues and learn about how they’ve designed their workspaces in the Real Workrooms video series. Available to all Members, these videos are a great way to learn to design a new space or to improve the use of an existing space. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know one another!
  • PRO-Retrospectives present finished projects by your fellow professionals. Available to PRO Members, you will enjoy presentations on all aspects of soft furnishings projects, from design through installation. Learn from your colleagues as they share how they overcame challenges and their lessons learned.
    Have you thought about enrolling in courses produced by The Workroom Channel? Then take advantage of the Library’s TWC Course Previews, offered to PRO Members. This is an opportunity to get a glimpse of select lessons from popular TWC courses.
  • Exclusively for PRO Members, Library Circle Time is an opportunity for interactive discussion with industry leaders on current industry topics. Sessions will be recorded for future viewing by PRO Members who are not able to participate in the live events.

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