The Drapery & Design Digital Digest

The Drapery & Design Digital Digest is a collaborative effort between the Curtains & Soft Furnishings Resource Library, The Sew Much More Podcast, and its supporting partners. Together, our mission is to showcase the outstanding work of custom home furnishings professionals, spotlight quality products, and share educational resources.

Drapery & Design Digital Digest March/April 2024

  • Beach Ball Pillows by Donna Redmond
  • Magic in the Making by Kathleen Welnack
  • Hiring for Drapery Workrooms by Hope Arbery
  • Peek Inside Winston’s Workroom with The Workroom Channel

Drapery & Design Digital Digest January/February 2024

  • Pin Hole Free Blackout Roman Shades by Sue Parten
  • Double Pleated Turkish Corner Pillow by Susan Woodcock
  • Organization for the Workroom by Seamless Workroom
  • Small Workroom Layout by Susan Fortucci

Drapery & Design Digital Digest November/December 2023

  • My Shade Kit by Nina Zheleva
  • Everything You Need to Know About Staplers by Nancy Sargent
  • How Are You Preparing by Michele Williams
  • Changes to the Cord Safety Standards by Susan Woodcock

Drapery & Design Digital Digest September/October 2023

  • Buckran Hem Method by Laura Stessman
  • Real Workroom Tours – Phillips Window Workroom
  • Change Your Thinking to Change Your Business by Michele Williams
  • Stop Competing on Price and Do This Instead by Kate Greunke
  • CWC 2023 by Ceil DiGuglielmo

Drapery & Design Digital Digest July/August 2023

  • Bullet PointsFrench Blackout Header Method by Jessie Lee Miller
  • Boxing Panels for Shipping by Nancy Letts
  • Which Type of Ripplefold Carriers Should You Use by Merril Y. Landis
  • Creating a Guideline for Patterned Banding by Denise Canney

Drapery & Design Digital Digest May/June 2023

  • DIY Workroom Stands by Susan Woodcock
  • How to Create a Van Dyke Join by The Workroom Channel
  • Using Your Iron for Problem Solving and Efficiency by Ann K. Johnson
  • The Benefits of Custom Window Treatments by Seamless Workroom

Drapery & Design Digital Digest
March/April 2023

  • The Rib-it Technique by Denise Canney
  • Mastering Pucker Free Knife Edge Curves by Nancy Letts
  • My Experience With Depression by Laura Nelson
  • Blackout Shade with döFix No Sew, Inc
  • RFL Tape by Susan Woodcock
  • How to Make Upholstery Sawhorses by The Workroom Channel

Drapery & Design Digital Digest
January/February 2023

  • It’s Tax Time by Amy Peterson
  • The Single Person Workroom and the Tripple Widther by Denise Canney
  • Skeleton Method Cornice Construction by Robin Matthews
  • FOTW – Sam’s Chair Cushions
  • Room Usage and the Client Discussion by Linda Erlam
  • Modern Cottage Style by the Yard with Thibaut Fabrics by Keely Hersh
  • How to Clean Your Keyboard by Darla DeMorrow

Drapery & Design Digital Digest
November/December 2022

  • New Year – New Habits by Ann K. Johnson
  • New Cord Safety Standards by Susan Woodcock
  • Waterfall Box Throw Pillows by Jeanelle Dech
  • BFP – Fabric Origami Embellishments by Dawn Saunders

Drapery & Design Digital Digest September/October 2022

  • Round Cornice Step by Step by Margaret Moore
  • Diamond Tufting by The Workroom Channel
  • BFP – Hanging Treatments from Medallions by Donna Skufis

Drapery & Design Digital Digest July/August 2022

  • Criss Cross Pleat Detail by LeeAnn Lee
  • Adding a Beadweight Chain to a Hem by Susan Woodcock
  • The Workroom Manual PDF by The Workroom Channel
  • From The Bookshelf by Ceil DiGuglielmo

Drapery & Design Digital Digest May/June 2022

  • Taking a Break by Laura Nelson
  • Navigating Cushion Curves by Nancy Letts
  • Two Obstacles to Efficiency and
  • Productivity by Ann K. Johnson
  • How To Save Yourself From the Wrong Client by Michele Williams

Drapery & Design Digital Digest March/April 2022

  • Do You Have What It Takes by Roger Magalhaes
  • Inside Mitered Corners For a Low Bulk Skirt by Nancy Letts
  • Slip Covering Ottomans With Attached Cushions BFP by Linda Erlam
  • Three Ways To Avoid Scraping the Bottom of the Cash Barrel by Michele Williams
  • Using Your Fabric Rack to Inspect Fabric by Denise Canney

Drapery & Design Digital Digest January/February 2022

  • Four Tips to Ease Your Workload by Ann K. Johnson
  • Make a Lined Zipper Pouch by The Workroom Channel
  • Zipper Techniques for Box Cushions BFP by Alicia Werner
  • Set One Major Goal by Roger Magalhaes
  • Which Should I Hire: Contractor or Employee? by Michele Williams
  • Cornices – Upholstering Inside Returns by Nancy Letts
  • Dazzling Drapery Headings by Keely Hersh

Drapery & Design Digital Digest November/December 2021

  • Build A Fabric Rack
  • Make a Pouf Cushion
  • Zippers in Pillows
  • Overcome Scary Mistakes
  • Banishing the Bay Window Blues

Drapery & Design Digital Digest September/October 2021

  • Celebrating 20 Years of M’Fay’s Moreland Pattern
  • Make a Grommet Bag by Diana Nolan
  • The Most Important Tool In Your Toolbox by Roger Magalhaes
  • Create a Workroom Apron by Holly Bucciarelli
  • Dazzling Designs with Fabric and Trim by Keely Hersh

Drapery & Design Digital Digest July/August 2021

  • How to Apply Banding on a Shaped Valance by Robin Matthews
  • An Alternative Method to Inverted Pleats by Jessie Lee Miller
  • The Moving Blanket Message by Roger Magalhaes
  • Making a Knife Edged Bolster by Jeanelle Dech
  • Making a Small Footstool by Laurie Medford

Drapery & Design Digital Digest May/June 2021

  • French Mattress Video by Michelle Miner
  • Shaped Tiebacks by Susan Woodcock
  • Speed Block Technique by Roger Magalhaes
  • Fan Folding Drapes by Jeanelle Dech
  • Keely’s Design Corner by Keely Hersh
  • Fabric Matched Track Hardware by Kathleen Welnack

Drapery & Design Digital Digest March/April 2021

  • Picture Frame Pillow Instructions by Nancy Letts
  • How to Easily Create A Strategic Plan by Michele Williams
  • Clean Finish Drapery Header by Paula Clayton
  • New Workroom Must Have by Julia Hash
  • Making A Baffled Insert by Laurie Medford

Drapery & Design Digital Digest Jan/Feb 2021

  • Key Insights to Award Winning Designs by Taryn Pearce
  • Roman Shade Ring Spacing by Jeanelle Dech and Terri Boozer
  • The Perfect Ball Pillow by Terry Sandlin
  • Are You Secretly Losing Money in Your Business by Jill Ragan Scully
  • English Panel Method by Susan Woodcock

Drapery & Design Digital Digest Nov/Dec 2020

  • The Fabric is Everything by Taryn Pearce for Keely Hersh
  • COVID notes from Margie Nance
  • New Roman Shade Method Shares with Elki Horn and The Workroom Channel
  • Boxed Pillows with Turkish Corners by Susan Woodcock
  • Interview with Lea Tran by Susan Woodcock
  • Installing a Zipper with Rachel Fletcher

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – Sept/Oct 2020 

  • Octahedron Pillow Pattern by Laura Nelson
  • Ribbed Roman Shades Course Update
  • First Place Vision Design Award – Keely Hersh
  • Batik Dyeing Celebration with Adaptive Textiles

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – July/August 2020

  • I Thought I Couldn’t Be Racist by Jeanelle Dech
  • Three Story Blocked Panels by Terri Boozer and Rachel Barrera
  • Make Your Transition & Restart Plan by Michele Williams
  • How to Create a Stand Out Design Submission by Taryn Pearce
  • Channel Back Upholstery Technique by Cynthia Bleskachek
  • The NUA Addresses Racial Injustice by Rachel Fletcher

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – May/June 2020

A tribute to our dear friend, Beth Hodges

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – March/April 2020

  • Free Week at the Library
  • Help Flatten the Curve with Fabric Masks
  • Easy Spring Plus Lift System Simplified with Elki Horn
  • Low Bulk Pleated Drapery by Susan Woodcock
  • Waterfall Cushion by Jeanelle Dech
  • Mask Pattern by Jackie Von Tobel

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – January/February 2020

  • French Country Style in El Dorado by Keely Hersh
  • Invisible Chair Cushion with Invisible Zipper by Nancy Letts
  • 5 Signs It’s Time to Scale and Grow Your Interior Design Business by Michele Williams
  • Real Workrooms – Grahn’s Upholstery
  • There is a Difference Between Projection and Return by Seamless Workroom
  • Trimming Down Easy Spring Plus with Elki Horn

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – November/December 2019

  •  Stretching Yourself by Betsey Reigle
  •  Sharing Expertise by Karen Barnes
  •  Bolster Pillow with Inset Flange by Susan Woodcock
  •  El Dorado Hills Dining Room by Keely Hersch
  •  Build Your Own Lining Rack by The Workroom Marketplace
  •  Kelly Clarkson’s Green Room by Kristi Kohut

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – September/October 2019

  • NUA Symposium by Michelle Minner
  • The Sew Much More Podcast Community at CWC by Ceil DiGuglielmo
  • Shaped Top Window Treatments by Ann K. Johnson
  • Workroom tips on Instagram #csfrl
  • Managing a Slow Revenue Month by Michele Williams
  • Supportive Shoes in the Workroom by Laura Nelson
  • The Crowning Touch by Joanie Johnson
  • M’Fay Inspired by Jeanelle Dech

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – July/August 2019

  • DIY Fabric Book Covers by Corynne and Jeanelle Dech
  • Döfix Track and Boiler Iron Track Installation by Susan Woodcock and Robert Döhlemann
  • The History of The Printed Table Grid Podcast with Jeanelle Dech and Anita Boetsma
  • Master Bedroom in Eldorado Hills by Keely Hersh
  • Making a Seam Roll by Susan Woodcock
  • When You Want A Goal To Be More Than A Wish by Michele Williams

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – May/June 2019

  • Pouf Tutorial by Jill Ragan Scully
  • Sewing Shaped Edge Banding by Susan Woodcock
  • Build A Cart for Rolled Goods by Nancy Letts
  • Draping and Drafting a Wedding Dress by Jeanelle Dech
  • New Drapery Panel Course on TWC
  • Benefits of GPO’s by Seamless Workroom

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – March/April 2019

  • döfix Crash Effects, Beth Hodges
  • Removing Stains From Your Projects, Laura Nelson
  • Installers Are Worth Their Weight In Gold, Seamless Workroom
  • Pleated Drapery With Attached Valance, Susan Woodcock
  • Quilted Vinyl, Kevin Kise

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – January/February 2019

  • Handling Sales Challenges, Madeleine MacRae
  • Slipcover Design Tips, Karen Powell
  • Drapery Hems with Blackout Lining, Susan Woodcock
  • Life’s Next Chapter, Rose Mary LeBlanc
  • Your Dreams Can Be Tools, Michele Williams

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – December 2018

  • Holiday Decorating Made Easy, JoAnne Lenart-Weary
  • Find Your Creative Muse, JoAnne Lenart-Weary
  • The Riches are in the Niches, Cynthia Bleskachek
  • A Design Plan that Works, Monique Becker
  • Understanding Foam for Home Furnishings, Cynthia Bleskachek
  • How to Accomplish Change in Your Business, Michele Williams

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – October/November 2018

  • London Interiors Insider Report, Morwenna Brett
  • SPEED Adjustable Pleating Template, Ann K. Johnson
  • Interview with Grace McNamara, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Getting Comfortable with Oversize Part 3, Deb Cronin
  • Colors Make a Huge Difference in a Small Space, Amy Wax
  • Pieced Pillow with Stripes, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Custom Workroom Conference Wrap Up, Susan Woodcock

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – September 2018

  • The Joy of Drafting Your Own Designs, Ann K. Johnson
  • Getting Comfortable With Oversize, Part 2, Deb Cronin
  • Buckram-Fold Roman Shade, Part 2, Susan Woodcock
  • Workroom Tour: Beyond Windows, Jennifer DeRosa
  • Upholstery 101, Kippi O’Hearn
  • Beanbag Chair Tutorial, Jill Ragan Scully

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – August 2018

  • The Best Countertops in the Market Today, Jill Ragan Scully
  •  Workroom Tour: JM Custom Creations, Jayna Manzelli
  • It’s Show Time!, Kitty Stein
  • 5 Tips for Traveling, Beth Hodges
  • What Do Your Kids Think About Your Business?
  • The Window Fashions Artisan Project, Terri Booser
  • Getting Comfortable With Oversize, Deb Cronin

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – July 2018

  • Buckram-Fold, Blackout Roman Shade, Susan Woodcock
  • döfix Sheer Adhesive Lining, Beth Hodges
  • The Upholsterer of the Future, Cynthia Bleskachek
  • Tuffets Galore, Caterina Meadows
  • Wish I’d Known Then…, Rose Mary LeBlanc & Amanda Smith
  • How to Button Tuft a Headboard, Kippi O’Hern
  • Draw-Matic Products, Sheista Breitkopf
  • Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color Forecast
  • Save the Stress for Stuff that Matters, Libby Huber

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – June 2018

  • How to Make a Tufted Bench, Caterina Meadows
  • 8 Furniture Thrifting Tips, Kippi O’Hern
  • Workroom Tour: The Sophisticated Touch, Pamela Lin
  • Don’t Mix Your Cleans and Dirties, Linda Erlam
  • Easy Spring Plus Shade Installation, Elki Horn
  • The Transparency Initiative Report
  • How to Control Your Finances So They Don’t Control You, Michele Williams
  • 8 Ways to Freshen Your Walls, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Quick Tip for a Measurement Challenge, Judy Soccio

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – May 2018

  • MomPreneurship, Jeanelle and Cory Dech
  • London Design Week Spring 2018 Report, Morwenna Brett
  • Evolution of a Drapery Designer – Part 2, Judy Soccio
  • Planning for Ribbon Miters, Jill Ragan Scully
  • How to Spring Clean Your Curtains, Penny Bruce
  • Workroom Tour: Sugar& Spice Draperies and Shades, Terri Booser and Rachel Barrera
  • Branding Your Business with Fabrics, Libby Huber
  • Workroom First Aid, Laura Nelson
  • Pli-Grip Strip on Upholstered Wing Chair, Cynthia Bleskachek
  • Business Bravery: How to Recognize and Manage Your Fears, Michele Williams

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – April 2018

  • Pillow with Pleated Inset Flange, Susan Woodcock
  • Yardage Calculation and Pattern Matching, Fran Fox and Jeanelle Dech
  • Evolution of a Drapery Designer, Judy Soccio
  • Bead Weight Chain in Drapery Lining, Terri Booser and Rachel Barrera
  • Seven Ways to Keep Your Business Growing Strong, Roger Magalhaes
  • Slipcover Waterfall Skirt, Kelly McGrory and Jeanelle Dech
  • Real Workrooms: The Funky Little Chair, Cynthis Bleskachek
  • What’s Hot & What’s Not in 2018, JoAnne Lenart Weary

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – March 2018

  • Starburst Pillow Tutorial, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Metal Zipper in a Knife Edge Pillow, Jeanelle Dech and Yazmin Guzman-Juarez
  • Refresh Your Property for the Spring Real Estate Market, Tricia Wallace
  • DIY Upholstery Sawhorses, Cynthia Bleskachek
  • Put a Little (beaded) Weight Into It, Ann K. Johnson
  • Organize Your Sewing Studio, Jann Newton
  • Kirsch Ripplefold Drapery System, Part 2, Steve Landis
  • Invisible Zipper Next to Welt Cord, Nancy Letts and Jeanelle Dech

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – February 2018

  • Why Are Slipcovers Called Summer Dress?, Rose Mary LeBlanc
  • Design Fundamentals Everyone Should Know, Joanne Lenart-Weary
  • Book Excerpt: Window Treatments for Designers and Decorators, Linda Erlam
  • Understanding Kirsch Ripplefold Drapery System, Steve Landis
  • Pantone Color of the Year 2018 – Ultra Violet, Kelly McGrory
  • Austrian Shade Tutorial, Deb Cronin

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – January 2018

  • döfix Flexwave, Beth Hodges
  • New Year – New Business, Michele Williams
  • The Workroom Miracle – Silicone Spray, Ann K. Johnson
  • Nailed It! Reuse Your Edge Protectors, Beth Dober Runkel
  • Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?, Zona Tiller
  • Make Your Installers Happy, Rose Mary LeBlanc

Drapery & Design Digital Digest – December 2017

  • How to Make a Tree Skirt, Jann Newton
  • TheGreat Fabric Search, Eileen Zimmerman
  • Sewing a Curved Double Hem, Nancy Letts
  • The Beauty of Hand-Sewn Hems, Susan Woodcock
  • Three Strikes, and I’m Out!, Ann K. Johnson

Drapery & Design Digital Digest –  November 2017

  • Learning from a Design Icon, Meg Ruggiero Ovikian
  • Repeats are for the Birds – Working with Pattern Repeats, Tammi Le Nair
  • IWCE 2018 Construction Zone Preview, Terri Booser

Drapery & Design Digital Digest –  October 2017

  • Shirred Banding, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Have You Got Business Traction?, Michele Williams
  • Drapery Pleats with Hidden Tacks, Susan Woodcock
  • Developing the Seamless Workroom, Rose Mary LeBlanc and Amanda Deal Smith

Drapery and Design Digital Digest – September 2017

  • Rustic Lodge in Minnesota Ski Country, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Time Management in the Workroom, Christi Adams
  • Get in the Groove – Cornice Board Construction, Annie Davis
  • Gratitude and Giving Back,Michele Williams
  • Why Your Business Needs a Digital Newsletter, Jill Ragan Scully

Drapery and Design Digital Digest – July/August 2017

  • Indoor/Outdoor Arched Draperies, Karen Barnes
  • Successful Social Media, Lacy Vreeland
  • Do the MATH of Angled Windows – Pythagorean Theorem, Angela McAree

Drapery and Design Digital Digest – May/June 2017 

  • Finishing Techniques: Rope Cord on Cornices, Scot Robbins
  • Discovering World Design, Joe Ruggiero
  • Workroom Innovation: Printed Table Canvas, Jeanelle Dech
  • Taming the Flare in Drapery Panels, Ann K. Johnson
  • Can You See What I’m Saying, Jeanne McDermott

Drapery and Design Digital Digest – March/April 2017

  • Create a Fabric Check-In Area, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Trending Now: Hygge, JoAnne Lenart-Weary
  • An Interview with Julie Wood, Margie Nance
  • Ruffle on Sheer, Jeanelle Dech
  • Healthier Home Offices, Jamie and Morgan Molitor

Drapery and Design Digital Digest – January/February2017

  • How to Pre-Line a Cornice, Annie Davis
  • Would Someone Hold Me Accountable?, Michele Williams
  • Create and Inspection Machine, Liz Hawkes
  • Pattern Matching – This Technique “Seams” so Perfect, Jean W. Lawes

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