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You’ve found the right place! The Curtains & Soft Furnishings Resource Library Has all of the information you need to get started creating beautiful window treatments and home furnishings. Whether you are interested in simply sewing and crafting curtains and accessories for your own home, or if you’re ready to take your design and fabrication skills to the next level, the Curtains & Soft Furnishings Resource Library can provide what you need.

As a DIY Member, you have access to many beginner (and advanced level) resources for free! Browse our catalog of Drapery & Design Digital Digest publications for inspiration. Visit our diverse collection of videos and tutorials for some practical hands-on instruction and real-world business education. Take advantage of our free product support offered by industry experts in our Conversations & Support area for a variety of top-tier products.

We have an array of downloads of articles, instruction, etc. to help you navigate everything from “How do I go about starting a business?”, to “What equipment do I need to make a ‘professional’ product?”, to “What are the potential pitfalls of a home-based workroom?”. For starters, click the link for free downloads below. A game-changing tool for those new to the Curtains and Soft Furnishings industry is a pre-printed table grid, typically installed on a dedicated workroom table. We’ve provided instructions to build a workroom table and install the table grid! Just sign up as a DIY Member for free, and you can download these .pdfs and many more!

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The mission of the Drapery & Design Digital Digest is to showcase the outstanding work of custom home furnishings professionals, spotlight quality products, and share educational resources.

Instant Download of the M’Fay Designer’s Digest and Workroom Manual now for sale on WM

Originally published in 1997 as the third binder of the renowned three-binder set, The M’Fay Workroom Manual has been the backbone of many soft furnishings workrooms. The library has made select chapters of this resource available to PRO members. Just click the links below!

The FULL M’Fay Designer’s Digest and Workroom Manual is available for purchase as an instant PDF download from The Workroom Marketplace. This document features an easy to navigate, clickable table of contents for immediate access to the information you need. Follow the link below to download your copy!

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