Drapery & Design Professional Magazines 2009

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D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2009, Issue 5/6

  • The Dior:  Leading Edge Kick Pleat, Cathie Gulliver
  • WCAA Northern Virginia – Bethany House, Cheryl Kinsey
  • Show Me the Money on that Job!, Debbie Green
  • Peek Inside a Workroom:  Palmetto Drapery, Judy Peters
  • Create a Workroom Apron, Holly Bucciarelli
  • Understanding Italian Stringing, Susan W. Schurz
  • Because Kitty Told Me To, Jenna Abbott
  • Shar Pei Pleat, Susan W. Schurz
  • Fold Over Shower Curtain Valance, Lynn Haddad
  • Holiday Decorating Made Easy, Joanne Lenart-Weary
  • How to Make a Light Box, Sydney Schwartz Hardiman
  • Window Design Artisans Volunteer to Keep Opera House ‘In The Dark’, Cathy Guterman
  • How to Cover a Lampshade of Any Size/Shape – Part 1, Elizabeth Gerdes
  • Northfield, Jeanelle Dech
  • Fearless Pattern Repeats Part 2, Ann K. Johnson
  • Successful Goal Setting, Angela Thee
  • Accent Draperies, Karen and Ramon Hardy

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2009, Issue 4

  • One Hour, No-Sew Valance, Debbie Knox
  • How to Survive in a Small Workroom, Lori Crank
  • Fearless Pattern Repeats – Part 1, Ann K. Johnson
  • Indiana’s Home Fashion Artisans Keep “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” in Stitches    
  • Pleated Panel with Scalloped Spaces, Susan W. Schurz
  • Necklace Trim Pillow, Cathy Stitch
  • Sewing Machine Feet, Jill Stanbro
  • How to Work with Purchase Orders in QuickBooks – Session 4, Debbie Green
  • Inverted  Box Pleat Valance, Elizabeth Gerdes
  • Mila’s Valance, Ludmila Zabiran
  • Meet a D&D Pro:  Roger Magalhaes  
  • Are You Getting What You are Worth?, Rochelle Togo-Figa
  • Cordless Tucked Roman Shade with Buttons, Zona Tiller
  • Curved Top Cornice, Holly Bucciarelli
  • Using your Brand to Market your Business, Jenna Abbott

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2009, Issue 3

  • Panel with Inverted Pleat Leading Edge and Buttons, Susan W. Schurz
  • The History of Window Treatments, Sydney Schwarts Hardiman
  • What’s Knot to Love?, Nancy Ketchum
  • Contemporary Remnant Pillow, Kate Kissell
  • Looking Good in QuickBooks – Session 3, Debbie Green
  • Case Study: The Rebranding of Sew Elegant, Jenna Abbott
  • Meet a Drapery & Design Professional, Jacque Hranica
  • Spacing Nails on a Shaped Cornice, Regina Kuntz
  • Tackling the Top Down, Bottom Up Shade, Pat Reese
  • Understanding Pillow Forms, Barry Shoultz
  • A Workroom Tour, Zona Tiller
  • Tab Topped Valance Using Skirtex, Annie Davis
  • Decorator, Designer, Drapery Workroom…What am I?, Joanne Lenart-Weary
  • Office Chair Slipcover, Teresa Bennett
  • Easy Hand-Sew Mitered Corner, Cathie Gulliver

D&D ProMagazine Volume 2009, Issue 2

  • Upholstered Walls, Linda Rayburn
  • Irons in the Drapery Workroom, Elizabeth Hawkes
  • What to Do When It All Goes Wrong, Suzanne Cox-Hudson
  • Hand Smocked Drapery Heading, Donna-Marie Lee
  • Building a Rock-Solid Brand for your Business, Jenna Abbott
  • From the Bookshelf, Debbie Green
  • Meet at D&D Pro, Karen Carns
  • Slipcover Zipper Insertion, Jeanelle Dech
  • The Raised Tulip Pleat, M’Fay
  • Increased Efficiency in QuickBooks, Debbie Green
  • Buying and Evaluation Equipment, Sydney Schwartz Hardiman
  • The Future of Paint, Kristine Gregory
  • Take the Challenge out of Tack Strips, Ann K. Johnson
  • CHFA Success Story:  Lea Tran          
  • Timeless Classics in Motion – Motorized Roman Shades, Steven Rosenfeld

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2009, Issue 1

  • It’s in the Details: Use Embroidery for the Extraordinary-Part 2, Elizabeth Gerdes
  • Interview With Bob Hipps     
  • Smocked Header With Concealed Tapes, Tonya Strong
  • I Love Color, Joanne Lenart-Weary
  • Bringing Draperies to Life With Motorization, Steven Rosenfeld
  • Safety in the Workroom, Sydney Schwartz Hardiman
  • Fabric Laminated Picture Frame, Susan W. Schurz
  • Peak Inside a Workroom; Pine House Drapery          
  • Pillow with Ruffled Inset Panel, Susan W. Schurz
  • Acronyms and Terms, Merlyn Corcoran
  • What’s Your Authentic Selling Style?, Rochelle Togo-Figa
  • CHFA Success Story:  Silk Mountain Creations, Cathy Schulz
  • Upholstery Tools for the Workroom, Laurie Medford
  • There’s Logic in QuickBooks – Session 1, Debbie Green
  • Shaped Appliqué’ Tieback, Susan W. Schurz
  • Like Things, Susan W. Schurz
  • Ringing in the New Year with Business Resolutions, Suzanne Cox Hudson

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