Drapery & Design Professional Magazines 2011

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D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2011, Issue 6

  • Contrast Inset Banding Within a Seam, Donna Cash
  • Boxed Turkish Corner Pillow with Button Embellishments, Susan Woodcock
  • WCAA Recaps INSPIRE 2011, Jenna Abbott
  • Challenge: Rehabbing a Headboard and Footboard, Kim Chagnon
  • Four Tips for Working in the New Economy, Jane Ann Maxwell
  • Diary of a One Person Workroom: Working with Specialty Fabrics, Laura Lodini
  • Full Time Professionalism for Part-Time Businesses, Sydney Schwartz Hardiman
  • Helping Others: My Brother’s Keeper, Carol Collord
  • How I Added 17 Days to My Year, Vita Vygovska
  • Spotlight on Debra Martin and Sheri Stouffer          
  • Pleated Cuff Drapery-Style, Susan Woodcock
  • Responding to Client Challenges, Ann K Johnson
  • Peek Inside a Workroom, Jo Moore
  • Upholstering Walls With Batting, Lisa Powelson
  • Spotlight on Lois Roegge 

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2011, Issue 5

  • Spotlight on Liz Hawkes        
  • Blogfest 2011, Sarah Devaney-O’Neil
  • Challenge: Giving an Austrian Legs, Jo Moore
  • The Lowdown on Lightbulbs, Kristine Gregory
  • Time-Saving and Instant Spacing: Grommet Tape, Susan Woodcock
  • Pendant Lampshades, Carol Collord
  • Pinched and Cinched Trim, Donna Cash
  • Vacation Inspiration: Textile Projects for Your Home, Mass NE WCAA
  • One Way to Make Expensive Treatments Less Costly, Jan Britt
  • Triangle Tab Panels, Nancy Letts
  • Spotlight on Elizabeth Gerdes           
  • Making a Feather Seat Cushion Insert Part 3: Making the Cushion Insert, Liz Cox
  • Getting to Know Your WCAA Board, Linda Principe

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2011, Issue 4

  • Ruched Panels, Michele Williams and Terri Booser
  • What’s Hiding Inside My Sofa?, Kristine Gregory
  • Traditional Meets Contemporary: Updating the Pinch Pleat, Susan Woodcock
  • Spotlight on Monique Becker
  • Challenge: From Sunroom to TV Room, Maureen Sliwinski
  • Making a Feather Seat Cushion Insert, Liz Cox
  • Labels and Legalities, Judi Turner
  • Free-fall Leading Edge Drapery Panel, Donna Cash
  • Peek Inside a Workroom: Custom Creations, Tracie Bresnahan
  • Drapery Bags, Donna Cash
  • Price Your Work With Confidence! It’s About Profit!, Ann K. Johnson
  • Spotlight on Sue Fresconi      
  • Getting the Most out of Your Conference Experience, Jenna Abbott
  • How to String a Traversing Track, Laurie Medford
  • Quick and Easy Banding, Vanessa Downs

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2011, Issue 3

  • The Lovely Little Millimeter, Deb Kirkland
  • Be Careful Where You Cut, Sydney Schwartz Hardiman
  • Dressmaking Details: Spaced, Centered Tucks, Donna Cash
  • Alumni Weekend       
  • EZ-Set Grommets, Susan Woodcock
  • Tobi Fairley on the Designer-Workroom Relationship, Sarah Devaney-O’Neil
  • Making it Right, Jenna Abbott
  • How to Make Decorative Cushion Boxings, Laurie Medford
  • Focus on Fiber, Judi Turner
  • Fan Folding Pleating Template for Rod Pocket and Pinch-Pleated Draperies, Pamela Lin
  • Evita – Start a Love Affair With Drapery Hardware, Helser Brothers
  • Making a Feather Seat Cushion Insert Part 1: Making the Template, Liz Cox
  • The Northfield Edge Bolster, Nancy B. Letts

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2011, Issue 2

  • Festoon Curtains With Encased Lift Cord Shroud Tape, Susan Woodcock Schurz
  • Ingenious Ikat, Kristine Gregory
  • Essential Traits for the Top Installer, Jenna Abbott
  • Keeping the Sun Under “Your” Control, Judi Turner
  • Rolling Cart for Rolled Goods, Nancy B. Letts
  • Marketing Hot Buttons for Today’s Consumers, Sarah Devaney-O’Neil
  • Compliance Spotlight: Sure-Shade Encased Lift Cord Shroud Tape, Susan Woodcock Schurz
  • Seven Steps to Perfect Pillow Zippers, Donna Cash
  • What’s the Deal With Drapery Pins?, Laurie Medford
  • Dressmaking Details: The Inside Corner, Donna Cash
  • Making a Textured Pin-tucked Pillow, Penny Bruce
  • Meet a D&D Pro, Donna Hovis
  • Proportion and Scale: The Hallmark of a Drapery Designer, Barbara Phillips

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2011, Issue 1

  • 10 Great Ways to Pump up Your Profits, Jenna Abbott
  • Building and Covering an Ottoman, Sherri Marshall
  • Inspired at the Academy, Cammie Berger
  • Box-Pleated Panel with Contrast Cuff and Covered Buttons, Stacie Kennedy
  • Amazing Crypton Super Fabric, Kristine Gregory
  • Large Shaped Valance, Mott Gammon
  • Creating the Finest Designs with Finestra Decorative Hardware, Susan W. Schurz
  • Flat Roman Shade with the Sure-Shade Lift Band System, Susan W. Schurz
  • On Display, Gail Thomas
  • The Business Model: Part 2, Sarah Devaney-O’Neil
  • Adjustable Panels, Greg Mohr
  • Could that pain in your hands be serious?, Elizabeth Gerdes
  • Tools That Help, Elizabeth Gerdes
  • Office Chair Slipcover Competition   
  • Office Chair Slipcover, Tammy Paradoski
  • Angled Panels, Nicole Nomer
  • Flowing Flower Detail, Donna Cash
  • Are you Proud to Publish?, Christine Shepard

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