Drapery & Design Professional Magazines 2014

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D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2014, Issue 5

  • Drapery & Design Professional Workroom of the Year, Elizabeth Gerdes
  • Network Subscriber Grand Prize Winner 2014, Dana Schroll
  • A Year of Firsts, Terri Booser
  • Are You Prepared?, Michele Williams
  • Redecorating a Bedroom, Concept to Completion – Step-by-Step Part 5: Custom Throw Pillows – Square Bolster with Flat Flanges, Donna Cash
  • Teaching an Art of the Past to the Children of Our Future, Stacie Kennedy
  • Out of the Workroom, Sue Sifakis and Carol Collard
  • A Look Inside Fabricut, Regina Allen
  • Waterlogue, an Overview, Sandra VanSickle
  • WCAA: Ways WCAA Chapter Meetings Inspire Its Members

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2014, Issue 4

  • Cathy Tucker – A D&D Pro
  • Are You All In?, Michele Williams
  • Tips to Help You Celebrate 8 Years in the Business, Roger Magalhaes
  • A Crash Course Making Laminated Lampshades, Judi Turner
  • Redecorating a Bedroom, Concept to Completion, Donna Cash
  • How to Make a Zig-Zag Pillow, Jan Newton
  • Outside the Workroom, Jill Robson
  • Safety Update, Linda Kaiser
  • The Great 8 Decorating Success Pointers, JoAnne Lenart Weary
  • Shutters on the Grill?, Deborah Lum
  • Coopetition and the Solopreneur Installer, James A. Holloway
  • From Inspiration to Fabrication, Karen Bunch

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2014, Issue 3

  • From the Business Coach: Are You My Customer?, Michele Williams
  • Outdoor Cushion Carryall – Dawn Saunders
  • From Concept to Completion: Part 3 – Fabricating Bed Coverlets, Donna Cash
  • My Day With Candice Olson, Elizabeth Gerdes
  • Cover Story: Pate-Meadows Sew In Sync, Karen Callaway
  • From Clutter to Compact: Vendor Catalogs at Your Fingertips, Sandra VanSickle
  • The Blurred Lines of Fashion and Interiors, Judi Turner
  • Dating Your Decor, Judy Soccio
  • Using Social Media for Your Dirty Work, Roger Magalhaes
  • Making a Lambrequin with Swags and Cascades, Rosa P. Harvan
  • Figuring Yardage for Roll-Pleat Draperies, Anita Boetsma
  • Out of the Workroom: Extreme ExerciseJill Robson

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2014, Issue 2

  • A Family Affair, Debbie Green
  • From the Business Coach: Are You Afraid?, Michele Williams
  • Redecorating a Bedroom From Concept to Completion Part Two: Dust Skirts, Donna Cash
  • Take Control of Your Cord, Linda Erlam
  • Detaching a Semi-Attached Back Cushion, Tammy Paradoski
  • Petals Pillow, Jan Newton
  • What Type of Installer Are You?, Roger Magalhaes
  • Designing With Emotion – Tell Me How You Really Feel, Judi Turner
  • My Top Ten Tips for Decorating Success, JoAnne Lenart Weary
  • The Pagoda Cornice, Jill Ragan Scully
  • Out of the Workroom: Painting, Jill Robson
  • Photo Measures App, Sandra VanSickle

D&D Pro Magazine Volume 2014, Issue 1

  • From the Business Coach: Who Are You?, Michele Williams
  • A Versatile Hybrid Drapery Pleat: The Ripple Box Pleat, Karen Lander
  • Slipcovering a Tufted Ottoman, Tammy Paradoski
  • Roman Shades With Faced Headings, Mary Grice
  • What a Pain in the Neck, Roger Magalhaes
  • Upcycle, Judi Turner
  • Redecorating a Bedroom From Concept to Completion Part 1, Donna Cash
  • Button-Back Faux-Pleat Valance, Dawn Saunders
  • The Three R’s: Relax, Research, Reinvigorate Lacemaking, Jill Robson

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