May 2018 Circle Time – Linda Erlam Circle Time – Measuring

May 2018 Circle Time – Linda Erlam – Measuring

Whether we like it or not, we measure everything. We measure our productivity, our profit, the time it takes to make a cushion, and how wide is that window. What we measure – and how we measure – affects every aspect of our business. In this CIRCLE TIME, Linda discusses the physical measuring we do, the tools we need, how to use those tools, and some innovations in measuring. Topics covered include:

  • What we measure
  • Why we measure
  • How to measure
  • The importance of accurate measurements
  • The tools needed to measure, and
  • The measuring toolbox

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Session Handouts:

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  1. Denise Canney

    What a wonderful webinar! So informative and I can’t wait to put all the info into use. I have a whole house to measure tomorrow and having this new info will really help my confidence that it will be measured correctly. Thank you for having this on the library and for all the handouts!

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